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  • BusinessYahoo Finance Singapore

    How director Stephen Fung is looking to merge cinematic storytelling with NFTs

    NFTs are making inroads into the realm of filmmaking. Why is Stephen Fung combining cinema storytelling with NFTs?

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  • LifestyleYahoo Finance Singapore

    This millennial quit her job to create an NFT collection and build a lifestyle brand

    Chanel Lee quit her job and created a collection of 7.600 bread cartoons NFTs. Her next goal is to build a global lifestyle brand.

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  • BusinessBloomberg

    This hotel company invites your avatar to the metaverse

    Singapore’s Millennium Hotels and Resorts is inviting online avatars to what it claims to be the first-ever hotel in the metaverse online virtual reality world.

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  • BusinessMoneySmart

    What is an NFT? And How to Buy NFTs in Singapore (Beginner’s Guide 2022)

    In the past year, NFTs have caused quite the big media hoo-ha. Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Doodles…unless you’ve been living under a rock or stranded without a phone on... The post What is an NFT? And How to Buy NFTs in Singapore (Beginner’s Guide 2022) appeared first on

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  • BusinessEngadget

    Meta tests letting creators sell digital goods in virtual reality

    Meta has begun testing user monetization tools within Horizon Worlds, the company announced on Monday.

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  • BusinessForkast News

    Solana NFT sales gain pace after quiet OpenSea listing

    Solana non-fungible token (NFT) sales have risen by more than 60% in the 24 hours coming into Monday morning Asia time after leading marketplace OpenSea added support for the network mid-last week. See related article: Solana NFT sales drop by 21% after OpenSea integration Fast facts This marks a reversal of fortune for Solana-based NFTs […]

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  • EntertainmentFortune

    The hottest 5 pieces of NFT art this week | A digital animator made bank thanks to a Grammy-nominated rapper in disguise

    Let's take a glance at the top five sales in NFT art over the past week, as listed by

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  • BusinessTechCrunch

    Crypto’s latest disruption may be investor expectations

    Venture capitalists and founders across all fundraising stages spoke to current investment strategies when it comes to investing in this cohort of startups. As Freestyle’s Jenny Lefcourt tells me, “Web2 got the memo about valuations coming down, and web3 has not.” For my full take on this topic, check out my latest TechCrunch+ column with our new crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek: Crypto is altering the investing landscape for even the most disciplined VCs.

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  • BusinessBusiness Insider

    Retail investing platform eToro launches $20 million NFT fund to support artists and brands

    Retail investing platform eToro announced its foray into NFTs on Thursday at Bitcoin Miami with the creation of a $20 million fund.

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  • BusinessTechCrunch

    'NFT' app Sticky kicked out of Apple's App Store after operating for months

    Apple's approach to NFT apps is still something of a gray area. The company permitted NFT marketplace OpenSea to launch an app, but only for browsing NFTs -- not for buying and selling them. The same goes for Rarible's iOS app, which is described as an NFT browser for "viewing" blockchain collectibles.

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