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Asia Session


「Yahoo全球市場高峰會」亞洲區即將迎來第二屆,多位來自亞洲不同行業的頂尖企業領袖及演講嘉賓於高峰會上聚焦投資、科技及線上服務帶來別具前瞻性的分享及討論。隨著去年首屆「Yahoo全球市場高峰會」亞洲區盛大舉行,今屆旨在令各行各業的持份者掌握行業最新資訊、分享業內專業知識及實戰策略,並引領行內不同規模的企業如何於瞬息萬變的亞洲地區應對及克服經濟與社會上的全新挑戰。 Join us for the second edition of the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2022, an outstanding international summit which brings together some of the world’s premier business leaders and esteemed speakers on the subjects of investing, technology and online services. Building on the global success of last year’s inaugural program, the 2022 edition aims to help stakeholders across every industry capture new insights, and share knowledge and best practises. It helps to guide businesses of all sizes on how to navigate and overcome new and emerging challenges both economically and socially in the extremely dynamic Asia region.
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US Session

Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: New Challenges, New Opportunities

Yahoo Finance presents the 2022 All Markets Summit: New Challenges, New Opportunities on Monday October 17th from 9:00am - 5:00pm ET. 🌐 The event will be hosted live from the Yahoo Finance studios in New York City. It will connect Yahoo Finance's audience with leaders and influencers in business, finance, entertainment, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrencies, healthcare, public policy, philanthropy, and more. 🌐 Speakers will tackle the new dynamics at work in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging world, and look forward to new opportunities and a prosperous future.
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