US election 2020

On 3 Nov, America chooses its president for the next 4 years

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Trump administration carries out 13th and last execution

The Trump administration early on Saturday carried out its 13th federal execution since July, an unprecedented run that concluded just five days before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, who is an opponent of the federal death penalty.
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Russia detains Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny

This is the moment police detained Alexei Navalny, the prominent Kremlin critic who flew home to Russia for the first time on Sunday after being poisoned in Siberia last summer. Video showed the 44-year-old talking with officers at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, then kissing his wife Yulia before he was led away. The couple was returning from a five-month stay in Germany, where Navalny, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most outspoken domestic critics, had been recovering after he'd been poisoned with what German tests showed was the deadly Novichok nerve agent. Navalny says Putin was behind his poisoning, a charge the Kremlin denies. As he boarded the plane in Berlin, he thanked Germany and said he wasn't afraid of being arrested. He announced his decision to return from Germany on Wednesday. A day later, Moscow’s prison service said it would do everything to arrest him once he returned, accusing him of flouting the terms of a suspended prison sentence for embezzlement, a 2014 case he says was trumped up. Navalny's plane from Berlin was diverted to a different Moscow airport at the last minute for a technical reason in an apparent effort by authorities to keep journalists and supporters from greeting him. A statement on Sunday from the Moscow Prison Service said Navalny would remain in custody until a court hearing later this month. His arrest drew immediate condemnation abroad. U.S. President-elect Joe Biden's incoming national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Twitter: "Mr. Navalny should be immediately released, and the perpetrators of the outrageous attack on his life must be held accountable."
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  • Reuters

    Yen plunges as traders add risk for future with vaccine, Biden

    Traders unloaded Japanese yen and bought riskier currencies and the U.S. dollar on Monday as market confidence in the economy and world trade increased with progress on a COVID-19 vaccine and the prospect of Joe Biden being U.S. president. The yen , which had become a favored safe-haven, suffered its biggest loss against the U.S. dollar since March, with the greenback rising as much as 2.2%. So-called "risk-on" currencies, such as the Australian dollar and Norwegian krone, strengthened even more.

  • BBC

    Biden inauguration: Executive orders to reverse Trump policies

    The new president will repeal Trump travel bans and re-join the Paris climate accord after being sworn in.

  • Associated Press

    After Trump, Biden aims to reshape the presidency itself

    When Joe Biden takes the oath of office Wednesday outside a wounded U.S. Capitol, he will begin reshaping the office of the presidency itself as he sets out to lead a bitterly divided nation struggling with a devastating pandemic and an insurrection meant to stop his ascension to power. Biden had campaigned as a rebuke to President Donald Trump, a singular figure whose political power was fueled by discord and grievance. The Democrat framed his election as one to “heal the soul” of the nation and repair the presidency, restoring the White House image as a symbol of stability and credibility.

  • AFP News

    Trump to leave town early Wednesday before Biden inauguration

    By the time Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th US president Wednesday, his scandal-tainted predecessor Donald Trump will already be far away, having helicoptered out of the White House a last time earlier that morning, an official said Friday.

  • The Independent

    Trump to hold departure ceremony at military base on morning of Biden inauguration, say reports

    Trump may get colour guard and 21-gun salute as he departs for last time as president

  • The Independent

    Mike Pence calls Kamala Harris to congratulate her and offer help – but Donald Trump still hasn’t contacted Joe Biden

    Phone call between former rivals described as ‘gracious and pleasant’

  • Associated Press

    Trump to leave Washington on morning of Biden's inauguration

    President Donald Trump will leave Washington next Wednesday morning just before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration to begin his post-presidential life in Florida. Refusing to abide by tradition and participate in the ceremonial transfer of power, Trump will instead hold his own departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland before his final flight aboard Air Force One. Trump will become only the fourth president in history to boycott his successor's inauguration.

  • The Independent

    Biden team to bring in outside contractors for White House deep clean costing $500,000 after multiple Covid-outbreaks in Trump orbit

    At least 53 people in Mr Trump’s inner orbit have been diagnosed with Covid-19

  • Reuters

    Canada's Trudeau embraces Biden in bid to turn page on Trump era

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's swift embrace of U.S. president-elect Joe Biden illustrates the degree to which Canada, one of America's closest allies, is looking forward to turning the page on the Donald Trump era. Trudeau was the first world leader to congratulate Biden when he was declared the winner of the November election, and now hopes to be the first - or one of the first - to meet with the new president after he takes office on Wednesday. "It's very much a tradition that the Canadian prime minister and the U.S. president meet very quickly to be able to talk about all the tremendous things that we can do together," Trudeau said in a Reuters interview on Thursday.

  • The Independent

    Signs declaring Biden next president go up right outside Trump’s window

    President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony takes place on 20 January