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Ah Ge Curry Chicken - Bakers & Co Review

Best known for his acting chops, Sinpaporean veteran actor Li Nanxing now has a new set of skills to show off, cooking. The actor recently collaborated with premium supermarket TASTE to launch Bakers & Co featuring a curated selection of Breads and Buns, as well as his signature curry chicken with baguette and hee bee hiam croissant. Let's see what the Yummy! crew think about it! For more Yummy! things, visit here!
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Bob’s Gastronomical Trail: Asia

Making Bebek Goreng at home - Bob's Gastronomical Trail: Asia

We're heading down memory lane to Chef Bob's ancestral homeland of Indonesia with a fried duck recipe inspired by a restaurant in Yogyakarta. For the full recipe, visit here! and for more Yummy! videos, follow us here!
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