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Vegan vs Dairy Ice cream at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Popular New York ice cream brand Van Leeuwen has made its way to Singapore at Orchard Central.   The shop features their signature ice cream made with simple, natural ingredients, and covers a range of both vegan and non-vegan flavours.  Most importantly, how does it taste? Video producer and vegan ice cream skeptic Bruce takes up the challenge to pick out the vegan flavours from the others in a blind taste test, while having a fun along the way!   Van Leeuwen ice cream:  181 Orchard Rd, #01-19, Singapore 238896   *FOR ALL THE NEWS YOU NEED:*   *FOLLOW US:*  TIKTOK  INSTAGRAM -  FACEBOOK -  TELEGRAM -
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Chinese New Year 2022

  • LifestyleYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    2022 Chinese horoscope: 12 animals forecast for the year of the Water Tiger by Joey Yap

    Here are some valuable insights that’ll help you anticipate the challenges and opportunities coming your way this year and how you can use them to your advantage, as shared by Dato' Joey Yap.

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  • LifestyleYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    Enjoy 50% off Vitable – Australia's online sustainable supplements brand

    Already a Vitable subscriber? Refer a friend and get rewarded. Read on for links and promo codes!

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  • LifestyleYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    What is Chap Goh Mei and why is it celebrated?

    One of the highlights of the Lantern Festival is guessing lantern riddles.

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  • EntertainmentYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    Ah Girls Go Army earns S$1.67 million; movie sequel confirmed

    Jack Neo's latest comedy, Ah Girls Go Army, raked in S$1.67 million at the Singapore box office as of 7 February, six days after its opening.

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  • LifestyleYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    Wildlife Around Singapore: Tigers enjoy Chinese New Year treats and other sightings

    We've just crossed into the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, so of course, we've got to celebrate the new year by giving our actual tigers a good treat.

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  • CelebrityThe Hive Asia

    Xian Lim, Kim Chiu celebrate Lunar New Year together

    The couple ushers the Year of the Tiger with one another

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  • CelebrityYahoo Lifestyle Singapore

    CNY 2022: How Asian celebrities and influencers ushered in the Year of Tiger

    Lots of new #ootds and photos of family time.

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  • BusinessBloomberg

    Lunar New Year looks lucrative for Singapore restaurants

    As the world marks the start of the Year of the Tiger on 1 Feb, the question for Asia’s F&B industry: Will this year be as good for business as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic?

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  • LifestyleAugustman MY

    Chinese New Year 2022: Find Out Your Spirit Animal Of The Year

    The Chinese New Year 2022 is just around the corner. According to the Chinese Zodiac, also known as ‘Shengxiao’, we are all assigned a powerful animal – ‘Shuxiang’ – based on the year we are born based on the Luni-Solar calendar that has close ties with Chinese Philosophy, mainly: The theory of the three harmonies: heaven, earth, and water. The principles of Yin and Yang. Wuxing: The five phases of the flow of the elements – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The Ten Heavenly Stems – the Yin a

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  • NewsYahoo TV SEA

    You've been eating fake fat choi? - Yum Chat Bite Sized

    Black Moss, better known as fa cai or fat choi has commonly regarded as an essential ingredient in Chinese cooking such as braised dishes.   However, did you know that this item has been banned from harvesting since 2020? The Yummy! Crew talks more in this snippet from the Yum Chat podcast.   For the full session, visit  For more Yummy! Content, visit  

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