• I am turning 30. Here are 7 valuable lessons I’ve learnt the past 29 years

    Different from the teenage year, the early 20′s offer us a glimpse into “real life”. Before you know it, you are in the middle of this chaos juggling a job, few failed relationships and wishing that your life comes with a manual. We are never ready for our 20′s, it is the time when we are away from…

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    • Divers feel with their hands for corpses in depths of S.Korean ferry

      "We are trained for hostile environments, but it's hard to be brave when we meet bodies in dark water," diver Hwang Dae-sik told Reuters, as the funerals of 25 students were held near the capital, Seoul. Prosecutors investigating the disaster said they raided the home of Yoo Byung-un, the head of a…

      • Chinese gamer breaks up with her boyfriend for stealing her blue buff

        Of all the reasons to break up with someone, this has got to be one of the craziest we've yet heard of. The post .

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        • ‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Says He Didn't Sign Off on Rape Scene

          It was the most shocking, wrenching scene on Sunday's “Game of Thrones”: Jaime Lannister, after weeks of rejection by his sister, Queen Regent Cersei, rapes her alongside the lying-in-state corpse of their dead son, King Joffrey. Fans and critics have debated why showrunners David Benioff and D.B.…

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          • Catching more than fish: Ugandan town crippled by AIDS

            When you risk your life fishing on dangerous seas, a drink in the bars back on shore seem a welcome relief, but in Uganda, it has created a culture with staggering rates of HIV. Exhausted from a night of hard fishing on the vast inland sea of Uganda's Lake Victoria, fishermen come off the boats as…

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            • Mourinho 'feels sorry' for sacked Moyes

              The Scot was relieved of his duties at Manchester United on Tuesday just 10 months into a six-year contract, and his Chelsea counterpart has expressed his sympathies

              • Mystery of Bizarre Duck-Like Ocean Sound Solved

                A mysterious duck-like sound recorded in the ocean around Antarctica has baffled scientists for decades, but the source of the sound has finally been found, researchers say. "In the beginning, no one really knew what it was," said Denise Risch, a marine biologist at NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science…

                • English Kingdom Under Fire II Philippine server is definitely open to the whole world, for a while

                  More information about the Kingdom Under Fire II (KUF2) Philippine server beta test has trickled in. Yes, the test will launch on April 25, 2014, but no, unlike our previous assumption, the server will not be open indefinitely.Instead, it ... The post .

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                  • Jang Keun Suk Voted No. 1 as Celebrity Whose Pretentiousness is Charming

                    Jang Keun Suk has been named as the celebrity whose pretentiousness is what makes him charming. Jang Keun Suk has previously received criticisms from netizens for writing certain messages on his SNS account, which they claimed were ‘pretentious.’ However, as Jang Keun Suk has coolly accepted the…

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                    • How to Have a Slim Waist Like Female Celebrities

                      Like a beautiful ceramic, their slender waist has become an object of envy for many women. Now, if you are one of those who desires a fit body line, pay attention to some healthy habits that are helpful in creating flawless waist line. Above all, bad lifestyle habits, lack of exercise and stress…

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                      • Carey ‘spent £70,000 on one-way flight’

                        Mariah Carey reportedly splashed out tens of thousands to ensure fans won’t disturb her on a British Airways flight to France next month.

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                        • 3 reasons why STOMP should NOT close down

                          Place STOMP against other citizen journalism sites such as Canada’s MyNews and the USA’s iReport, and you would probably feel ashamed to be a Singaporean. Al-Jazeera has gone so far as declaring that we, the citizens of Singapore, are addicted to culture of shaming. The problem, in my opinion, lies…

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                          • 15 new Asian smartphone makers hoping to crush Samsung and Apple

                            Samsung is the world’s – and Asia’s – top smartphone maker. But there are a lot of rival phone-makers out there aiming to dethrone the likes of Samsung and Apple. That competition is especially strong ...

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                            • S. Korea ferry survivors are also victims

                              The desperate, tragically fruitless search for survivors of South Korea's ferry disaster has so far overshadowed the damaging psychological legacy inflicted on those who managed to escape the sinking vessel. Among them were 75 students from Danwon High School, who must now try and rebuild lives…

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                              • After jibes against Karpal, minister tells Muslims to respect all

                                KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 — In the aftermath of the snide remarks over Karpal Singh’s death, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom reminded Muslims today to respect others regardless of whether they are...

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                                • A Soupy “Wetnesday”

                                  A simple and pleasing fare bound to comfort and calm the system…

                                  • How to set a bedtime routine for toddlers

                                    Children need routines and they also need their sleep. Here’s how one mom does it

                                    • Putrajaya doled out RM150m for RM130m project rejected by banks, Rafizi alleges

                                      PETALING JAYA, April 23 — Putrajaya separately gave RM50 million on top of a RM100 million research and development grant to a company that had been refused a commercial loan, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli...

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                                      • Singapore inflation crept up to 1.2% in March

                                        According to a release, CPI-All items inflation picked up to 1.2% in March from 0.4% in February, mainly on account of a smaller fall in car prices. Contributions from all other major categories, except accommodation, were also slightly higher. The cost of private road transport fell by 2.8% in…

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                                        • How To Write A Resume That Will Get You A Job At Google

                                          Trying to land one of those highly coveted jobs...

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