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  • First South Korea virus patient dies as hospital cluster emerges

    South Korea reported its first death from the novel coronavirus Thursday as a new cluster of infections emerged at a hospital and the country's total number of cases nearly doubled to more than 100. The man who died was in his 60s and a long-term patient among 15 people found to be infected at a hospital in Cheongdo county, 320 kilometres (200 miles) south of Seoul, the Korean Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said in a statement. KCDC on Thursday announced a total of 51 new confirmed cases, taking the nationwide total to 104.

  • ‘I’ll slap you around’: Angry passengers square up to each other and shout abuse on Ryanair flight

    A passenger onboard a Ryanair flight shouted “I’ll slap you around” as several travellers squared up to each other midway through the three-hour journey.A fellow passenger called the London-Malaga service the “longest flight of my life” after several passengers allegedly got drunk and started shouting abuse at cabin crew.

  • Woman wanted husband dead, plotted with lover to sabotage his car

    SINGAPORE - While going through an acrimonious divorce with her husband, a woman convinced her lover to sabotage her husband’s car.

  • Kate Middleton literally wore an Anarkali, know how you can get this look

    Inspired by Kate or impressed by Kareena, if you want to channel this look, here are some easy-on-the-pocket options for you.

  • Young Boy Terrified by Mum Dressed in Teddy Bear Costume

    A three-year-old boy was left sobbing after his mother hid inside a large teddy bear to scare him at Little Elm, Texas, on February 15.Hilda Parrales filmed the video of herself dressed as a fluffy teddy bear before suddenly moving, sparking her son, Aaron Dibi, to run into his room. Parrales posted the video to Twitter on February 15.The video shows the three-year-old boy stopping and staring at the toy as he notices its sudden movement. The boy then runs off crying.Parrales told Storyful that Aaron “ran out of his room and ran downstairs crying and saying his teddy bear moved.”The idea for the prank came to Hilda when she renovated Aaron’s room, she said. Credit: Hilda Parrales via Storyful

  • Why Singapore's admired virus playbook can't be replicated

    A day after Jeanhee Kim learned of a coronavirus case in her Singapore apartment block, she was visited by a distinguished-looking man she later learned was a senior government minister. Kim, a 51-year old American who had just relocated to the island as the outbreak began, said the man had asked her how her family were feeling, gave her some surgical masks and reassured her that Singapore was on top of the situation. "Singapore is leaving no stone unturned," World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said this week.

  • The mystery sickness bringing death and dismay to eastern Ethiopia

    The mystery sickness bringing death and dismay to eastern EthiopiaAs villagers in Somali region fall ill in unexplained circumstances, some locals fear gas exploration has tainted the local water supply