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    'It Was Terrible What He Did': Trump Rips Navy Captain Who Sounded Alarm On His Sick Sailors

    “This isn’t a class on literature. This is a captain of a massive ship that’s nuclear-powered. He shouldn’t be talking that way in a letter," Trump said of Brett Crozier.

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    Single passenger flights: The daily woes of airlines, and the crew still working

    Like when the gate agent announced a formal boarding process only to remember that Barria was the sole passenger who would board, or when the pilot approached his seat to personally explain a delay in take-off due to a mechanical issue, rather than speak over the PA system. The two flight attendants invited Barria to sit in a first-class seat and went through the safety demonstration for Barria alone. Nearly vacant flights have become the norm for U.S. airlines, despite a drastic reduction in the number of planes they put in the air each day as passenger traffic has diminished in the midst of the new coronavirus gripping countries across the globe.

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    Mainland China sees rise in new coronavirus cases

    Mainland China reported 30 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, up from 19 a day earlier as the number of cases involving travellers from abroad as well as local transmissions increased, highlighting the difficulty in stamping out the outbreak. The National Health Commission said in a statement on Sunday that 25 of the latest cases involved people who had entered from abroad, compared with 18 such cases a day earlier. The mainland has now reported a total of 81,669 cases, while the death toll has risen by three to 3,329.

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    Caroline Kennedy's Life in Pictures

    Attorney, ambassador, and American royalty. From Town & Country

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    Severe Covid-19 illness in young down to genes or 'viral load', scientists say

    Severe Covid-19 illness in young down to genes or 'viral load', scientists say. Coronavirus hits the old and those with other health problems hardest, but fit, youthful people are dying too, and experts are trying to understand why

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    'Grotesque' - Murphy joins condemnation of Liverpool's controversial furlough call

    The Reds' move to place some staff on furlough was slammed by yet another ex-player

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    AP PHOTOS: Bustling London life stilled by COVID-19 lockdown

    When Associated Press photographer Frank Augstein moved to London in 2015, what struck him most was the crowds. Augstein, who grew up in a small town in western Germany, thought Britain’s capital of almost 9 million people was the busiest place he had ever seen. In years of covering political dramas, moments of celebration and tragedy and major sporting events, Augstein’s photographs have captured the city’s ceaseless movement: Pedestrians swarming over the Millennium footbridge spanning the River Thames.