• Russian warships fire cruise missiles at IS targets in Syria

    Two Russian warships and a submarine in the Mediterranean have fired missiles at Islamic State group targets in Syria, the defence ministry said Friday. It said that Turkish and Israeli military "were informed in a timely manner of the missile launches through communication channels," but it did not mention the United States. Russia has suspended its communication channel with the US on military operations in Syria after a US jet shot down a Syrian warplane on Sunday, with Moscow accusing Washington of failing to issue a warning.

  • China holiday turns to nightmare for 18

    IPOH, June 23 - Eighteen holidaymakers looking forward to a trip to Zhangjiajie, China, were stunned when they had to fork out RM60,205 of their own money after the tour agency failed to pay for...

  • Ministerial Committee ‘refused to identify’ full membership for almost a year: Lee Wei Ling

    Lee Wei Ling has again questioned the transparency of the Ministerial Committee that had been set up to explore options for the house of her father Lee Kuan Yew amid the ongoing Lee family feud over the late prime minister’s estate.

  • Prosecutors would swap prison for fine in Messi tax fraud case - press

    Spain's state prosecutor would accept substituting a fine of 255,000 euros (224,554 pounds) for the 21-month prison sentence handed down by a Barcelona court to soccer player Lionel Messi for tax fraud, Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia reported on Friday. Messi and his father Jorge were found guilty by a Catalan court last July on three counts of tax fraud between 2007 and 2009 to the tune of 4.1 million euros on image rights and were also fined 2 million euros.

  • Arab states demand Qatar closes Jazeera, cuts back ties to Iran

    By William Maclean and Rania El Gamal DUBAI (Reuters) - Four Arab states boycotting Qatar over alleged support for terrorism have sent Doha a list of 13 demands including closing Al Jazeera television and reducing ties to their regional adversary Iran, an official of one of the four countries said. The demands aimed at ending the worst Gulf Arab crisis in years appear designed to quash a two decade-old foreign policy in which Qatar has punched well above its weight, striding the stage as a peace broker, often in conflicts in Muslim lands. Doha's independent-minded approach, including a dovish line on Iran and support for Islamist groups, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood, has incensed some of its neighbours who see political Islamism as a threat to their dynastic rule.

  • Israeli woman wins discrimination case over airline seat

    An 83-year-old woman has won a lawsuit against Israel's national airline after being asked to move seats on a transatlantic flight because an ultra-Orthodox man did not want to sit next to her. The Jerusalem court on Wednesday ordered El-Al to pay Holocaust survivor Renee Rabinowitz 6,500 shekels ($1,860, 1,626 euros), said a transcript of the ruling. Ultra-Orthodox Jews follow strict rules segregating men and women.

  • This is the real reason we’re ‘drowning in oil,’ says Ed Yardeni

    Yardeni Research’s Ed Yardeni explains what he believes is the real reason the world is suffering from a glut of oil