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    Woman Arrested For Allegedly 'Stomping' On Protected Sea Turtle Nest In Miami Beach

    Yaqun Lu, 41, was reportedly also seen by bystanders and police officers "jabbing" at the nest with a wooden stake.

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    'Please Leave The Room!' Trump Tosses Mulvaney For Coughing During Interview

    The president asked his acting chief of staff to leave the Oval Office after he dared to cough.

  • Indian magician ‘Wizard Mandrake’ feared dead after attempting dangerous Houdini river stunt

    Chanchal Lahiri has not emerged from a river in India after being lowered into the water on Sunday.

  • Royal Navy sailor gave birth after being 'drugged and raped' by a soldier, court papers show

    A Royal Navy sailor gave birth to a girl after she was allegedly drugged and raped by a soldier at an Army barracks in Gibraltar.

  • Kim Jong-un was a 'little dictator' who lashed out at smarter pupils in his private Swiss school

    A new biography about North Korea’s reclusive Kim Jong-un has revealed fresh details of a privileged, but cloistered childhood that paved the path to his tyrannical rule as the world’s youngest nuclear-armed leader.

  • PSG consider Neymar sale as Al-Khelaifi sends warning to players

    The Brazil international joined the Ligue 1 side from Barcelona for a world record 222 million euros (£198 million) in August 2017. PSG will consider selling the 27-year-old in the forthcoming transfer window if they receive a substantial offer, a report in L'Equipe said on Sunday. Neymar is said to be unsettled at the club and to have told relatives that he was having difficulties in France even before he was accused of raping a woman in a Paris hotel in May. The player has denied any wrongdoing.

  • Houston residents spot alligator swimming with a knife sticking out of its skull

    For residents of many southern U.S. states, alligator sightings are a common occurrence. The large reptiles love bodies of water of all sizes, and it's not unusual to see one or several of them hanging out in ponds and lakes, but one particular gator is causing quite a stir in Fort Bend County, Texas.As far as anyone can tell, the animal hasn't caused any damage or posed a threat to locals, but it does sport one curious feature: a massive knife sticking straight out of its head. Now, locals are urging wildlife management officials to do something about the creature or, more specifically, give it a helping hand.As local news station ABC13 reports, the plight of the gator is causing some serious drama amongst locals. Many residents are outraged that someone would have attempted to hurt one of the alligators in such a way, and they don't want to see it suffer as a result.https://www.facebook.com/ABC7NY/videos/424182778312194/"Almost every morning I see them," local resident Erin Weaver, told ABC13. "Never have I seen them aggressive or even defensive, if you walk by and startle them they just go under water."Not wanting to see the animal suffer with a knife in its dome forever, those who live in the area are pleading with the local sheriff's office and the state's parks and wildlife officials to do something. A game warden is apparently scheduled to come out and observe the animal next week, at which point they hope to have a plan.Alligators are notorious for being incredibly resilient, and their thick hide and strong bones make them hard to damage. It's clear that the knife penetrated the animal's skin, or possibly even its eye, but it's unlikely that even a strong stab would have sent the blade through its skull. The creature could, more than likely, live for a long while with its unfortunate ornament, but it would be best for everyone if it were removed and had its wound treated to ensure no lasting damage was done.