• I tendered my resignation without securing the next job. Here’s why I don’t mind.

    I have committed a taboo – I have tendered my resignation without securing the next job. The reactions to the announcement were varied but they all pretty much hint at a deep sense of disapproval. “Why did you do that?” It was as if I had renounced my faith. “What are you going to do from now on?”…

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    • Quan Yifeng fined and banned from driving

      The Singapore-based TV personality was fined SGD 800 and banned from driving for three months after knocking down a pedestrian last year

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      • Hello Kitty mayhem returns to Singapore

        Singaporean fans of Hello Kitty raged on the web Thursday after their frantic attempts to buy limited-edition toys from the McDonald's website failed when overwhelmed servers crashed, in the latest frenzy over the Japanese cat to hit the city-state. The Hello Kitty Bubbly World Collector's Set --…

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        • Angry parents seek autopsies of S Korea ferry victims

          Some parents of the mostly teenage victims of South Korea's ferry disaster are pushing for autopsies that might show their children were alive inside the submerged vessel and only died because the emergency response was so slow. "They want to know for certain how their family members died," Kim said.

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          • Bye Bye, Arp Geok Pao?

            Not many know this old Canto classic and it’s the end of the road for the folks behind it here…

            • Jodie Foster marries girlfriend

              Jodie Foster has reportedly tied the knot with Alexandra Hedison, who she has been dating for less than a year.

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              • Players to blame for United woes - Kanchelskis

                By Dmitriy Rogovitskiy MOSCOW (Reuters) - Andrey Kanchelskis watches events at Old Trafford from afar these days but weighed into the debate over Manchester United's woes this week, saying several high-profile players are not good enough to wear the red shirt. The former United winger, now living…

                • Waste oil collector struggles after STOMP posts, receives help from kind souls

                  After being photographed at work in Jurong pooling used oil near coffee shops, 50-year-old Valerie Sim has been struggling to keep her family afloat. Web portals STOMP and The Real Singapore published pictures of her in February, triggering a witch hunt for others like her and comments from readers…

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                  • Boy and girl on Korean ferry tied life jackets together before they drowned

                    By James Pearson and Meeyoung Cho SEOUL (Reuters) - A boy and girl trapped in a sinking South Korean ferry with hundreds of other high school students tied their life jacket cords together, a diver who recovered their bodies said, presumably so they wouldn't float apart. Almost 250 teenagers and…

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                    • The Secret of Celebrities’ Flawless Skin

                      In order to have flawless skin, you have to pay more attention to facial wash up and skin care. Many stars place their skin toner, mist and booster inside a bathroom so that they could immediately apply them as soon as they finish their facial wash up.

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                      • Malaysian jet: Washed up metal piece sparks speculations

                        Perth/Canberra, April 23 (IANS) The search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that went missing March 8 took a new twist and set off fresh speculations Wednesday with reports of some unidentified material washing ashore on the southwestern coast of Australia. "Western Australia police have…

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                        • Popular hot yoga myths debunked

                          What’s the hottest new workout taking the world by storm? That would be hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga. Conducted in a heated room with sweltering temperatures of about 40°C (or approximately 104° Fahrenheit) and 40 per cent humidity, … Continue reading →

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                          • Bloodied shirt, unwashed fork: JPII relics abound

                            ROME (AP) — Inside a chapel on the edge of Rome, a nun uses a key to open a wooden wall panel, revealing a hidden niche. Behind glass and stitched loosely to supporting backing hangs a relic of holy suffering: the bullet-pocked, bloodstained undershirt that John Paul II was wearing when a gunman…

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                            • Pyongyang's pop queens stage comeback

                              PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Step aside, Sea of Blood Opera. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's favorite guitar-slinging, miniskirt-sporting girl group, the Moranbong Band, is back. And these ladies know how to shimmy.

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                              • Indonesian general says his flashy watch is a fake

                                JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's military commander said critics who called him out for wearing an especially luxurious watch should be quiet because the timepiece is actually a cheap Chinese fake.

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                                • CapitaLand Limited - MANAGEMENT REPLY: Why does the direction keep changing?

                                  CapitaMalls was listed few years back but its parent company now wants to take it private. The question: if investors didn't find any value from holding CapitaMalls shares then how will CapitaLand

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                                  • Popular Korean Foods in Hit Series ‘Love from Star’

                                    Some of them already have become extremely popular in China that Korean town is packed with people looking for those foods. Along with China, many Southeast Asian countries are paying attention to Korean foods featured in the series. Korean beer is now exported to China three times more and the…

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                                    • Children's corpses reveal desperate attempts to escape Korean ferry

                                      By Jungmin Jang and Ju-min Park MOKPO/SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean divers swam though dark, cold waters into a sunken ferry on Wednesday, feeling for children's bodies with their hands in a maze of cabins, corridors and upturned decks as they searched for hundreds of missing. Writing by Nick…

                                      • OnePlus One is a Xiaomi killer, set to launch in 16 countries next month

                                        China's newest smartphone maker, OnePlus, unveiled its first-ever flagship phone in Beijing today at an equal price point to for China, RMB 2,000 (US$330).

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                                        • Thursday #sgroundup: Body found of boy who made first call from Korea ferry: report

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