• Picture perfect-Congo ranger's gorilla selfie goes viral

    The picture showing the two orphaned female gorillas posing like humans was taken in Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park and has gone viral since it was published on the park's Instagram and Facebook pages this week. Mathieu Shamavu, Virunga ranger and caretaker at the park's Senkwekwe Center for Orphaned Mountain Gorillas, said he was out walking with Ndakazi and Ndeze when he spotted a photo opportunity. Ndakazi and Ndeze were raised by caretakers at the Senkwekwe Center after being rescued in 2007 when they were babies.

  • Muslim woman who went viral for photo in front of anti-Islam protest says her religion taught her 'to be unapologetic'

    In a series of photos that went viral over the weekend, Ismaa’eel is seen posing in front of a group of men holding posters with hateful speech directed at people of the Islam faith.

  • A daughter shared scary footage of a 'ghost' in her dad's room - and people are freaking out

    "My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera," the man's daughter shared.

  • Watch the Easter Bunny throw punches in a street brawl, because Florida

    Of all the holidays on the U.S. calendar, Easter is definitely one of the most low-key. Families gather, eat some ham, and maybe the kids hunt for colored eggs or eat a bunch of candy, but it's generally pretty chill. That is, unless you're in Florida, where being in the holiday spirit and donning an Easter Bunny costume doesn't stop anyone from getting into a heated street brawl in Orlando.A video, which was first posted by Instagram user Workfth but subsequently removed due to a perceived "community guidelines" violation, shows a friendly Easter Bunny getting right in the middle of a physical altercation between two men on a busy street. Curses are yelled, punches are thrown, and our furry friend is right there in the thick of it all.Posted again by a different user, the video can be seen below (until Instagram inevitably removes it yet again).https://www.instagram.com/p/BwkQt1SA_jw/It's difficult to parse what exactly is happening here but it's clear that the two men fighting at the beginning of the clip have a very big problem with one another. The bunny arrives late to the brawl but manages to get a few jabs and hooks in anyway, landing repeated blows on one of the men before police arrive and break things up.Once tempers die down a bit the bunny becomes an instant celebrity and proceeds to shadowbox to the amusement of the gathered spectators. Hilariously, despite throwing repeated punches with a police officer standing just feet away, the bunny sidesteps any reprimand while the cop sorts things out between the two original combatants.It's a lovely little video and further proof that Florida is a treasure that should be cherished and appreciated for the entertainment it gives us all.

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    Soccer: Solskjaer concedes Man City have set a new standard

    Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made no attempt to disguise the gulf in quality between his team and Manchester City, describing Pep Guardiola's side as "the best team in the country" after they won 2-0 at Old Trafford on Wednesday. What Pep Guardiola has done with his players is remarkable and we are so close to it, in the vicinity so we feel it every day," said the Norwegian. Solskjaer had demanded his players react to their 4-0 loss to Everton on Sunday and United did begin the match with aggression, battling hard until City went ahead through Bernardo Silva in the 54th minute.

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    Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson Wore The Infinity Stones To 'Endgame' Premiere

    People loved the actresses’ nods to such a significant part of the Avengers films.

  • Canada vows to resolve trash dumping issue after Duterte's war threat

    MANILA, Philippines - Canada has committed to resolve its trash dumping issue with the Philippines. The Embassy of Canada in the Philippines released a statement on Wednesday (April 24) after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to wage war if Canada will not take its garbage back. “Canada is strongly committed to collaborating with the Government of […] The post Canada vows to resolve trash dumping issue after Duterte’s war threat appeared first on UNTV News.